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The fusion of aesthetics and sustainability

A Circular Design Studio is an untraditional plastic carpentry shop that creates interiors, installations and works of art,  in 100% recycled plastic, collected from households, nature or companies in Denmark.  

Based on strong craftsmanship traditions, we have developed a new technique that gives us the clearest colors and the highest quality in our unique products. Quality is our highest priority, because in this way we can ensure that the products can live on for many years with many different owners or recycled into new products.


We have a fixed product range you can find below, just as you can read more about our options for teaching, consulting and custom products. 

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Aveny Chair.jpg

Photo: Montana Furniture

Winner of Denmark's Next Classic

February, 2022

We do not know about you, but of course we sat and watched when the final of `Denmark's Next Classic ´ was broadcast and how amazing it was that Anders Engholm beautiful chair for Aveny T, won the entire program and was named Denmark's Next Classic! 

We think it is a deserved victory and we are simply put so proud to have contributed the seat and the backrest to the chair, of course made of 100% recycled plastic, collected in Denmark, produced at our workshop in Skovlunde! 

Now that the victory is official, we can also share that we have recently been working on developing new tools so that we can put the chair into production and it is actually already for sale at Montana.


Consulting house, design studio, workshops, teaching, and artistic workshop

Our great passion is circular economy, and we therefore offer several services within that area. In addition to our popular products in recycled plastics and artworks, we also offer creative teaching courses for institutions, workshops for individuals and companies as well as consulting assignments.  We have extensive experience with recycling plastic, but are also working on several development projects around other materials and we will be happy to assist with both idea development and problem solving in your circular project.. If you are an institution, we have also had great success with our creative teaching courses, where we involve young people in the creative process and inspire them to think circularly and innovatively. 
Read more about our projects, products and circular economy here:

sjov i værkstedet.jpg

Workshops and teaching

We have had great success with our teaching process, where we involve the participants in the creative process and inspire them to think circularly and innovatively.

Aveny Chair.jpg

Custom products

If you are interested in a special interior solution, you can find inspiration from our previous productions here.


Consulting and consulting house

We have extensive experience with recycling both plastic and wood and we will be happy to assist with  idea development,  problem solving or both in your circular project.


Denmark's next classic

At the beginning of 2022, Anders Engholm chose to get help from A Circular Design Studio for two of his designs in DR's Denmark's Next Classic. 

Photo: Montana Furniture

Fyns Amt Avis 5.jpg

Funen County Newspaper

In early 2022, an article about A Circular Design Studio was published in no less than 14 local newspapers. Read the article below.

Photo: Birgitte Carol Heiberg

Good morning Denmark

Our founder Andreas Zacho, visited Go´Morgen Denmark and told about the company, recycling of plastic and creating a business, on a foundation of sustainability. 

Video: Andreas Zacho


Jyllands posten

In the autumn of 2021, Jyllandsposten wrote about A Circular Design Studios' collaboration with Montana. Find the new top plates for Verner Panthons Wire at Montana.

Photo: Kasper Holm Jensen


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