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We not only make sure to bring sustainable functionality into your home or business, we also put aesthetics above everything else. Therefore, we have been invited to exhibit a few times which you can read much more about below. If you are interested in the more experimental and artistic side of A Circular Design Studio, you can see and read about our works on the button below.

OL I TOKYO 2020/2021


Exhibition in the Danish pavilion.

In 2020, we were initially invited to exhibit at the Olympics in Tokyo for the Danish pavilion. Due to Corona, our participation was moved to 2021 and has now finally been canceled unfortunately. We should have made a great work of our tiles to decorate and inspire the guests and show Denmark from our most beautiful and greenest side.


Slice of Grapefruit

Exhibition on circularity

Our sculpture 0.1 has come a long way and most recently visited Vejle, where they held an event about circularity.



Circular special exhibition

In August 2020, we were invited to exhibit for 3 days of design at their circular event. With us we had a podium decorated with tiles as well as our sculpture 0.1. It was a very special experience for a mere 6 months old design studio and we got so much praise that we went home with red cheeks.

More about 0.1 here
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