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Beneath the Studio Surface



Creative Director / CEO / Main circular force

Andreas is the founder, CEO and the creative mastermind in A CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. None of this would have happened if it were not for him. 

He does everything, and with a background in architecture, his brain is automatically tuned in to aesthetics and design. He is a practical man who thinks quality into everything he does, so you are guaranteed a first-class product. He has experience with running a business and therefore manages A Circular Design Studio independently - and then he has spent six years in the navy. We have heard rumors that the passion for the environment arose one early morning as he peered out over the world's oceans and the sun's first rays fell on a cola bottle splashing around.


If you have questions about designs, product development, workshops and teaching, you can contact Andreas.



Photographer and production assistant

Kasper ensures our photographs and movies are looking fab! He is a photographic genius and he has just come out as a freelancer. He started an education, but you have to follow your dreams, and he has chosen to do so. And we can really enjoy that. Kasper is fixed inventory in A Circular Design Studio.

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