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We can also be a creative sparring partner who can also produce unique products. Below we provide examples of projects we have carried out, where we have been given a framework, and then utilized our professional skills to bring creativity to reality.

Awards for companies

We have designed and produced awards for several companies during 2022. These are produced in 100% recycled plastic and designed by hand. The prices for Strandet are also made of plastic, which originates from fish boxes they have collected themselves.  

True Gum - Block Major

We helped the chewing gum manufacturer True Gum to develop a Klodsmajor game they could use for the launch in a new market. The blocks are cut out of larger plates we have cast and the cube is handmade to get the right expression and colors.


A company contacted us with a request for 3 unique sculptures. The sculptures are made from solid plastic castings, which we have subsequently shaped by hand. The company itself chose the desired colors and approx. size.

If there are any questions about these projects and what we can offer, please feel free to contact us here:

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