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We are an unconventional plastic joinery that designs and produces interiors, installations and works of art in 100% recycled plastic. 

After several years of development and testing and with the help of our skilled staff consisting of architects and furniture designers, we have established innovative methods of using recycled plastic.

With the combination of good craftsmanship, creative minds and the use of recycled plastic, we have created a design studio that can offer solutions that no one else can offer in Denmark.

At our workshop in Skovlunde, we handle everything from design, consulting and production and we have divided our services into 3 subcategories, so you can read more about exactly what you need help with. 


A Circular Solution is for those of you who need the complete solution: here we can handle everything from design, interior design, project management and production, both internal and external, regardless of whether it is smaller products or larger building and interior design projects. Here we handle the entire process, from start to finish.


A Creative Circle is for you who have an overall idea, perhaps the first sketches and drawings, but would like to have sparring for the design, production and execution. We can also help with advice, sparring and design, even if production is not with us, it is entirely up to you.


A Circular Production is for you who already have an idea, drawings and project ready, you just need help to get the item produced. A Circular Production is also for you who want some products from our existing product catalogue, but in special measurements, colours, with a logo or similar.

The specific sub-pages are constantly being updated, but we can be contacted about our various business services here:

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