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One of the services we can offer is the solution of comprehensive tasks, where we are responsible for all aspects of the process of a creative project. We can advise, produce and install a project.

Below you can see some of the larger projects we have created. The site is under constant development, and more projects will be added continuously.


B&O opened a pop up exhibition in autumn 2022, on Strøget in Copenhagen. For the exhibition
we contributed several elements that were designed according to their ideas. We made sculptural ones
stepping stones, of solid castings and shaped by hand, columns for table legs, small trays with
engravings and 2 large wall hangings of approx. 120x200cm for display of their products.

Deli  Drop

Delidrop had to redesign their stand in Torvehallerne and for this they chose to use us,
as primary supplier. We have made podiums, ramps and corner cabinets in wood, combined with
custom-made podiums, tabletops and smaller details in recycled plastic.

B&O udstillig



Copenhagen Municipality - Changing cabinets

The Municipality of Copenhagen contacted us with the desire to design and develop a "swap cabinet" for 7 institutions in  the municipality. The project intends to focus on direct recycling in institutions and homes. We made a design, based on a desire that it should be something recognizable and fun, as it should catch the users on
the institutions. The design was a combination of a traditional men's wardrobe and inspiration from a Disney character. The cabinet is made of 100% recycled plastic, partly from the citizens of the municipality and with doors of transparent acrylic.

If there are any questions about these projects and what we can offer, please feel free to contact us here:

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