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The majority of the products we use in our daily lives contain plastic, which has become an inevitable and indispensable material in our everyday lives. Plastic is ingenious in many ways - it is enormously durable, usable and enables a myriad of expression possibilities. Unfortunately, mass production of plastic has become a major problem for our climate because it is cumbersome to recycle, and after use often ends up in nature as waste or incinerated. Therefore, it only makes sense to recycle as much of what we can possibly get to.




The plastic we use in our production, we get as a residual product from Danish companies, waste collected in Danish nature or from Danish households. We believe that it is important to procure our materials as locally as possible, as it both reduces transport - and not least means that we reduce plastic waste in Danish nature.
One of the companies we get our granulate from collects plastic in and around Jutland's west coast. We are melting it into aesthetic interiors, and it will not be more local.


In addition, we try to use the plastic no one else wants, because that way we can make the biggest impression on the environment. There are several large plastic factories in Denmark, but most have no interest in small amounts of plastic waste. If it is under 2-5 tons, they will not accept it at all as it does not pay to recycle it.
This is where we come into the picture. We accept the small quantities of 50, 100 or 500 kg of plastic and use them in our production.
This means that we can collect the small faulty productions, broken goods, plastic from companies that want to contribute, or use plastic collected from nature.



We are working on creating a network of local companies that can drop off their plastic waste with us for recycling, rather than throwing it out. Plastic is such a big part of our everyday lives that most companies cannot get around it. Some use it actively in their production and others have large quantities because the packaging of the goods they receive is made of plastic. We offer companies that have larger amounts of plastic waste that they can drop it off with us instead of driving it to the landfill. In addition to ensuring that the plastic is recycled, it is actually also a good deal for many companies. Today, all companies have to pay to have their plastic waste collected, and that expense is saved away by handing it in with us. So everyone wins, the company, ourselves, and of course to a large extent the environment.


There are probably many out there, including ourselves, who are skeptical about the sorting of plastic for recycling today, precisely because we have gradually heard so many bad stories about how the collected plastic ends up in the completely wrong places.
Therefore, we would like to offer private individuals the opportunity to return their plastic to us, so that we can ensure with 100% certainty that it is recycled.
We believe that local collection and sorting can be a huge help in the long run to create a national collection system that works so that in the future we can circulate all the waste we create.


Will you be with? Contact us also we can find out if we can buy your company  plastic waste or join our plastic network for private individuals.

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