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Rectangular Tabletops

Rectangular Tabletops

Our Rectangular Tabletops are new in our range on the webshop, and come in limited edition. The tabletops, like the rest of our products, are distinguished by being produced from 100%  recycled plastic.



The tabletops are produced in three new color combinations that do not otherwise exist in our current range, of which the first is a blue/white, and it is made from old conveyor belts from a factory in Jutland._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The second color is what you can call a multi-colored mix, where the plastic comes from previous production errors as well as surplus from the Aveny-T chair and our top plate for panton wire collaboration with Montana Furniture. The third color is also a multi-coloured mix, which changes continuously, depending on what we have in stock, and is therefore really limited. You can keep up to date on our instagram, where you  can continuously see how the final color specifically looks.



As mentioned above, these table tops are produced in a limited edition and that is whynot possible to buy the table tops in other dimensions or colors. They are produced in only one size and three predetermined colors.



The table tops are a quality product that is created through modern production methods in combination with traditional and good craftsmanship. This is expressed in the creation of our Tabletops,  where large parts of the production and finish are done by hand, to ensure that_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5stcf58d_ possible outcome.


At ACDS, our impact on the environment is always a focal point in design and production, and this includes also because our Tabletops are created from scraps and the colors are determined in advance.


Our podiums are produced in 100% recycled plastic, collected in Denmark and handmade in our workshop in Skovlunde, just outside Copenhagen. 



NOTE: Our products are made from recycled plastic, and there will always be air bubbles to a smaller or larger extent.

  • Levering & Afhentning


    Fragt koster 149,- i hele Danmark.

    Ved større bestillinger, kan fragtpriserne afvige, i kan kontakte for os tilbud på dette.

    Man kan også vælge at afhente gratis på vores værksted i Skovlunde. 


    Man kan desværre ikke hente bordplader i vores butik på Nørrebro.


    Leverings tid

    Alle vores produkter er håndlavede, hvilket betyder vi producerer produkterne løbende, når de bestilles.

    Derfor vil der være ca 4-5 ugers levering på bordpladerne, fra vi har aftalt farvekombination, afhængig af størrelsen på ordren.


    Hvis ordren haster, er i velkomne til at kontakte os, så skal vi prøve at få den ført igennem hurtigst muligt. 

  • Størrelser & Vægt

    Bordpladerne måler 116x76cm og er 22mm tykke. Hvis de skal skæres på et særligt mål, kan i skrive det i kommentar feltet ved bestilling.

    Vægt: ca 20kg


  • Return and exchange policy

    Return and exchange policy

    We naturally have a 14-day right of return on our standard products if you have not used your product. If you have therefore set up your grips and hooks, we cannot take them back.


    You can see which products fall under this category below.


    We only manufacture our products when they have been ordered and therefore we naturally encourage you to think carefully before ordering from us. As a small business, it can be a big expense to have to return a product, and it is therefore something we would obviously prefer to avoid.

    In addition, of course, we have our special exchange policy! A few times a year, we therefore accept your used products, which you can exchange for something similar. We do the assessment on the day.


    Damaged products are of course not included in the exchange policy, but you are always welcome to send them to us and we can grind them down and recycle them again. If you are in doubt, you can always contact us, and then we can see what solution we can come up with.


    Items included in the return policy (standard items):

    Unique products are not included in the return policy, but contact us and we should be able to find a good solution.

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