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Rectangular Trays

Rectangular Trays

One of our regular products is the rectangular trays.

They are made of 100% recycled plastic, collected from households and companies in DK 💪

They are made in 5 different colors and 4 different sizes.

They are perfect for the home, whether it is for salt / pepper in the kitchen, keys and purse in the hallways, jewelry on the dresser in the bedroom, or something completely different.

  • Delivery and collection


    Shipping costs DKK 79   throughout Denmark. We ship with DAO and you must therefore pick up your parcel at a parcel shop.

    You can also collect it for free at our workshop in Skovlunde.



    Alle vores produkter er håndlavede, vi producerer dem løbende, når de bestilles og derfor kan der  gå op to 7-10 days.

    NOTE: During the Christmas months, November and December, we have filled up the warehouse well, so we expect to ship twice a week, Tuesday + Friday.

  • Sizes and prices

    We have 4 sizes rectangular:
    6.5 x 13 cm for DKK 100.

    9 x 20 cm to 225  kr.

    16 x 26 cm to 350  kr.

    16 x 34 cm to 475  kr.

    You can also buy sets of the rectangular trays, under sets.

  • Return and exchange policy

    We naturally have a 14-day right of return on our standard products if you have not used your product. If you have therefore set up your grips and hooks, we cannot take them back.
    You can see which products fall under this category below.

    We only manufacture our products when they have been ordered and therefore we naturally encourage you to think carefully before ordering from us. As a small business, it can be a big expense to have to return a product, and it is therefore something we would obviously prefer to avoid.

    In addition, of course, we have our special exchange policy! A few times a year, we therefore accept your used products, which you can exchange for something similar. We do the assessment on the day.

    Damaged products are of course not included in the exchange policy, but you are always welcome to send them to us and we can grind them down and recycle them again. If you are in doubt, you can always contact us, and then we can see what solution we can come up with.

    Items included in the return policy (standard items):
    Unique products are not included in the return policy, but contact us and we should be able to find a good solution.

    Rectangular trays in our standard colors and sizes:
    Standard sizes: 6.5cm x 13cm, 9cm x 20cm, 16cm x 26cm, 16cm x 34cm
    Standard colors: Mango Haze, Papaya Rainbows, Cloudy Peach, Dragonfruit Drizzle, Kiwi Currents, Blueberry Blizzard, Plum Puddles.

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