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At A Circular Design Studio, we want to fulfill as many dreams as possible. That is why we offer many design solutions that can be adapted to your needs. Below you can see our many projects, and maybe get inspiration for a solution that suits you or your company. 
Also read much more about our consulting and development tasks, projects we have made for companies and teaching courses.


The site is under development and you will therefore not be able to find all information here, but you are always welcome to contact us.



Do you have a dream of the perfect podiums for your product, decorative tiles to decorate the walls in a white office or stands uniquely adapted to your different water bottles, then we are happy to be available. 

To order, we make circular special designs for you and your company. Using our special technique, we can produce products in solid quality, the clearest colors and unique patterns - adapted to your wishes for shape, size and expression.

Among other things, we have made projects for horizontal, AYM studio and rebottle and have many more in the pipeline



An important part of our business is to develop ways to create more circular economy and contribute to more recycling. We have done this in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen, where we have practically investigated the possibilities of recycling Copenhagen's bulky waste and with support from the EU, where we have investigated the possibility of developing a circular return system. Read more about the projects here and contact us if you have a project you need to get development or advice for.

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