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At A Circular Design Studio, we have a strong focus on teaching courses and workshops. We believe that plastic can become one of the most widely used materials of the future because it is 100% recyclable.  

Our vision is to inspire other people and set thoughts in motion among the participants. We do this by passing on some of the methods we have used ourselves and the knowledge we have gathered along the way.  

We always adapt our workshops depending on who participates. You can therefore visit us as an educational institution or as a company - We will probably ensure that the agenda is relevant to you.

We have previously been the organizer of a workshop where children and young people created works of art from recycled plastic. The purpose is to show what fantastic opportunities lie within the recycling of plastic, while opening up the creativity of the participants.  

We have also made our own casting machine, which also allows participants to make their own unique color mix and then cast a small figure.  

We have previously used this method to create a large work of art, which provides inspiration for co-creation across people and shows how versatile plastic can be when treated correctly.  

Please contact us for booking or further questions.



Anyone can join, however, the minimum age is 10 years and children must also be accompanied by adults.



Workshops and training courses will be a combination of presentations and practical use of our machines.



The machines are built so that they can be taken with you and we can therefore both come out to you, but you also have the opportunity to visit our workshop in Skovlunde.



A course can last 4 hours or several weeks, it is very much up to you, what needs and focus you want out of the course and of course how big a class you have.

How much?

The prices vary of course, depending on the course, but usually the prices will be DKK 6,000 - 8,000 ex VAT, for a class, one day. This of course includes materials and what else needs to be used.


Does a teaching course or workshop sound like something that might be of interest? Then you must finally reach out to us so we can agree further!

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